Here are some testimonials from Clients that will show you why Geoff is a good choice if you are looking for an experienced Personal Trainer in Reading.


Danielle Gostling - Weight Loss Client


I started personal training with Geoff last Nov 14; the results have actually amazed me to be honest; the sessions were fun, well-paced, upbeat and varied and I really enjoyed training outside in all the elements knowing that Geoff was as committed to me as a client as I was to him for our early morning meets. Geoff’s training style was very in tune with what I had asked for, All over body toning and conditioning. My results over the last 3 months show that it works as I have lost over a kilo in weight and 8 cm off my middle and have seen the difference in my all over body shape. Geoff is happy to accommodate variants into training and I enjoyed our taster boxing session greatly.


Ruth Bowen - size 18 to 12, so far!


I had always been a size 14 - 16 for as long as I can remember, so when I had to purchase some size 18 clothes to be comfortable before last Xmas, I knew there was a problem.


I reluctantly weighed myself and got the shock of my life, 16 st 12 lbs! Even at 5ft 11inch tall I knew this was way too heavy. I made myself a promise, to have a cracking Xmas but as soon as the treats were eaten, it was time to make a change.


After a few months of doing some cv exercise and watching my portion/food control I was getting a bit bored so I spoke to my friend Andrea, Geoff's wife, and we began to train together in April this year.


The results speak for themselves, overall I have lost 4 st 1 lb and a staggering 24 inches from all over my body, bust/waist/upper arm/hip/thigh measurements and I have so much more energy. I really have transformed from a willful couch potato to something verging on an exercise freak!!!!


Geoff has been so supportive and is incredibly knowledgeable in respect of both his exercise and diet plans and advise and I simply would not be a size 12 (top and bottom!) without him. He is a thoroughly nice guy and I would thoroughly recommend his personal training services and I wish him and all of his future clients every success for the future. Thank you once again Geoff!


Karen Patten - Weight Loss and Injury Rehabilitation Client


Geoff has been my Personal Trainer since March 2011; I had joined the gym several months earlier but lacked the motivation to go. Having pre-booked sessions gave me the incentive to start my journey to fitness and it also ensured I was doing things properly. When I started training I had very limited movement in my right arm due to a recent shoulder injury and subsequent operation, so Geoff designed a programme of exercises which gradually got me to where I am now. My physiotherapist had told me not to expect any better than around 90% of normal shoulder mobility after my operation, but I feel it's much better than that already and is continuing to improve. My general level of fitness is better than ever now despite the fact that I'm experiencing all the horrors of the menopause, and I've even managed to shift nearly a stone in weight due to his expert dietary advice. It's great feeling this fit, not only do I look much better now, but I have so much more energy than I used to. Geoff encourages me to keep working harder all the time whilst making the workouts really fun to do and I always look forward to my sessions and our lively conversations!


Sarah Absolom - Weight Loss Client Who Has Gone From A Size 26 To A 12


“When I weighed myself in November last year I weighed 18st 3lbs and I knew that I needed to do something about it as it was starting to affect my health and I was really unhappy in myself.


I contacted Geoff when I noticed I was not really getting the results I was hoping for after changing my diet and going to the gym regularly. I had never had a personal trainer before and so didn't really know what to expect but from our first consultation Geoff made me feel very comfortable and completely at ease.


Geoff explained to me where I was going wrong with my diet and what I needed to do to get better results.


I look forward to every one of our sessions as they are varied, really enjoyable and although very hard work I know I have worked hard and I am getting results as each week I have consistently lost weight.


What Geoff teaches me in our sessions enables me to plan my own programmes at the gym and I know that I am doing it correctly and working hard. Going to the gym has now become part of my weekly routine and I thoroughly enjoy it.


Since November I have lost 5st 8lb (36kg) and have dropped from a size 26 to a size 12 and I feel amazing. I have more energy and have a lot more confidence and feel so much happier in myself.


It just proves that eating healthy and exercising regularly is the most sensible way to lose weight and having Geoff to support me through it has kept me motivated and focused. I cannot thank Geoff enough for what he has helped me to achieve so far.


I would definitely recommend Geoff as he is a great personal trainer and his enthusiasm and passion for what he does really help to keep me motivated.”


Before and After Pictures of Sarah



James Winters - Weight Loss Client


"Geoff truly is a great personal trainer. His knowledge and understanding of sports, exercise, and nutrition give him a great insight into helping people achieve their goals. I've been working with Geoff for just under a year, and I have not only lost considerable weight, but my muscle measurements have gone up. Every session is different, and interesting and I always look forward to my weekly slot. Not only is he technically competent, but he is also has a personable and vibrant character! He makes every session a happy experience.


Over the year my goals have changed, and Geoff has been adaptable, and changed the routine around me. First of all I was loosing weight for my wedding (which Geoff helped me achieve!). I was then in training for snow boarding, so Geoff subtly changed the tact of the training to increase my stamina, and muscle tone. This meant I had a great week on the piste!


To anyone looking for a Personal Trainer in Reading I would always recommend Geoff O'Brien!"

Leigh Osgood - Football Player Who's Team Recieved Pre-Season Training


"When I first arrived at training I was scared looking at all the cones and poles laid out. But once Geoff explained all the exercises and how the circuit training was going to work, I wasn't scared, more excited. As the pre-season progressed I found myself feeling fitter and not getting as tired. The number of players who actually turned up to pre-season training was much higher than the seasons before. I would recommend Geoff highly as a trainer. He works you hard but it a way that's fun. I cant wait for the next pre-season."



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Geoff O'Brien is a Personal Trainer based in Reading. He is a Specialist in Weight Loss, Body Image, Sports Specific Training and Fitness for Life.

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